Migrating to Redmine (Jonass, 2010-05-19)

Hi folks!

Long time no see... We're in the process of migrating the project over to redmine (away from trac) and making the Subversion repository available for anyone to checkout anonymously. The new repository URL is http://redmine.sparklin.org/svn/pydza/. All tickets have been migrated too, so the transition should be smooth.

If everything goes well, we'll be migrating the website to a Wordpress installation sometime soon.

Second Labo-Linux run for Pydza (elisee, 2009-01-20)

For the second year, Pydza will be a mentored project at the Linux laboratory at SUPINFO. This year, the project will benefit from the work of about a dozen students, and hopefully we'll release Pydza Pepperoni just in time for the summer break.

Pydza is an open-source project, anyone can take part in its development. Feel free to join us having fun creating a great game!

The forums are back ! (dehy, 2008-09-05)

We had some trouble with the forums some times ago (ok, files were deleted "by accident"...), they are now back !

Bookmark the url as soon as you can : http://pydza.org/forums

See you there !

Pydza 0.2.2 released (elisee, 2008-09-02)

Pydza 0.2.2 has just been released. Nothing fancy here, just a quick fix to an annoying bug and some documentation update:

  • Fixed bug #47: Crash when selecting "Return" in settings menu (introduced in 0.2.1)
  • Translated README-EDITOR to English and updated it, updated README

Go grab it on the Download page and enjoy!

Pydza 0.2.1 released (elisee, 2008-08-25)

We've just released Pydza 0.2.1!

Following up Pydza Mozzarella 0.2, this new release fixes a few bugs / annoyances:

  • fixed a few level design issues
  • removed stomp action, which made the game too easy
  • removed a debug key accidentally left in for 0.2
  • localization now working on Windows
  • added Langouste to credits
  • made fullscreen setting state clearer

Our website has also been updated under the hood, thanks to hard work from dehy! We now have download statistics, a blogging interface and a screenshot gallery (previously those were static pages).


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